Sustainability Policy

Sustainability: Environmental, Societal, Economic

Risk Strategies recognises that everything we do has environmental, societal and economic impacts, both local and global.

Our own sustainability depends on our long term success so while we believe fundamentally in our single bottom line, this is inherently founded on the core tenets of good governance, ethics, and the targeting of at least zero environmental and societal impacts. We are committed to building a sustainable future both for ourselves and our clients by adopting and promoting our principles for sustainable business growth.

This means we will integrate social, environmental and financial considerations into everything we do and all the advice we provide. We will adhere to the highest levels of corporate governance and openly report on our sustainability performance. Our relationships with clients and suppliers will be founded on these principles.

Our Vision

To be the lead environmental management/sustainable business growth practice, based on highest standard technical support and advice, delivering sustainable growth solutions for client partners resulting in better financial returns and greatly improved environmental and societal outcomes at the same time.

Our Objectives are to

  • Be viewed by clients and community as “essential adviser”;
  • Reduce ours and our clients GHG/wastes/water use to zero and increase profitability at the same time;
  • Remove ours and our clients use of non-renewables and replace with renewables (feedstock and/or energy) and raise profitability at the same time;
  • Deliver value add, innovative solutions that improve business, environment and societal outcomes side by side.

Sustainability Principles


We will manage the commercial affairs of the business to provide continuity, prosperity and growth for the business and its stakeholders. In doing this, we commit to:

  • Create shareholder value;
  • Be honest and trustworthy in all our dealings;
  • Compete fairly and vigorously;
  • Include economic, social and environmental factors in all investment and commercial decisions;
  • Assess and manage risks to our business;
  • Protect our brand, physical, financial and intellectual assets.


We will nurture an open, safe, ethical and unprejudiced workplace in which our employees can achieve their full potential. In doing this, we commit to:

  • A healthy and safe workplace;
  • Encouraging diversity in our workplace.
  • Equal opportunity;
  • Mutual trust and respect;
  • An engaged team;
  • Fair processes;
  • Personal and professional development;
  • Recognition for performance;
  • Equitable pay and working conditions;
  • Supporting work/life balance.


We absolutely see the need to reduce our impacts on the planet and our demands on non-renewable resources. We will specifically aim to maximise the reduction in our own environmental footprint, along with those of our clients and within the community. In doing this, we commit to:

  • As a minimum, exceed the laws of the communities in which we do business;
  • Target zero emissions that threaten the global climate;
  • Support biological diversity and the integrity of biological processes;
  • Undertake and support initiatives to promote greater environmental stewardship;
  • The sustainable use of resources through reduction in non-renewables and maximising renewables.

Human rights

We believe that all people everywhere should be treated fairly and with dignity and respect. In this approach we commit to:

  • Not engage in or support discrimination, including disability, race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, language, age, religion, political opinion or national or social origin;
  • Not engage in or support the use of child or forced labour, either directly or through our suppliers or clients as a condition of business;
  • Require reasonable working hours, pay and conditions as a condition of business.


Our people and our services directly or indirectly can ultimately support and/or impact on communities everywhere. We will support the communities in which we live, work or provide advice and do business in a manner that respects local laws, customs and traditions. We will where possible look to engage the community for positive input to enhance our role and the provision of our advice, all with the aim of our business providing a societal value add. In doing this we commit to:

  • Proactively engage with thought leaders to provide input and direction to our role in the community and in the provision of advice;
  • Support programs that align with our business and which deliver tangible, measurable benefits to the community and to our business, at the same time;
  • Support our employees to participate in relevant community initiatives;
  • Responsibly manage any issues of historic and/or biodiversity significance we are called to advise on.

Product and Service Responsibility

Our products and services will meet community needs, be safe, efficient and socially and environmentally sound in their production, use, supply, delivery, storage and disposal. In doing this we commit to:

  • Actively target a beyond zero emissions approach, particularly for emissions that threaten the global climate;
  • Reduce the environmental and societal impacts of our products and services up and down the value chain;
  • Fair procurement and payment processes;
  • Product and service innovation at all levels of our service provision;
  • Fair and ethical treatment of clients, suppliers, contractors and business partners;
  • Undertake and support initiatives to promote greater environmental stewardship;
  • The sustainable use of resources through reduction in non-renewables and maximising renewables