Safety and Risk Management for Gig Economy Businesses

The emergence of ride sharing and app delivery businesses has brought with it a host of concerns and considerations when it comes to health and safety in the Gig Economy.

Over the last few years we’ve seen ‘contractors’ in the media voicing their concerns about safety and working conditions. As a result there has been a huge amount of scrutiny on the industry – from the public, unions and FairWork Australia.

Much of the attention has been on whether riders and drivers are ‘contractors’ or ‘employees’. But whatever side of the fence you sit on, these businesses have both a moral and legal obligation to have effective safety measures in place.

In the eyes of Australian workplace health and safety regulators, the safety of riders and drivers is the responsibility of the business paying their invoices. And, if these businesses are found to be negligent, the consequences can involve financial liability, not just for the business, but potentially also for it’s directors.

Risk Strategies has worked with some of the majors in the field, to help them ensure they’re doing the right thing by their drivers and riders and:

  • Identify risks and improvement opportunities.
  • Undertake Stakeholder engagement.
  • Develop of appropriate policies, procedures and processes (including induction, assessment and training).
  • Develop and implement Safety Management Systems and measurement, reporting and due diligence frameworks.