Safety and Risk Management for Waste Management businesses

Australia has one of the highest rates of waste generation per capita in the world. The industry generates well over $20B income for the thousands of businesses involved. Employers in this industry, on average, incur workers compensation premiums of 2.5% of payroll.

The waste and recycling industry is rapidly increasingly in technology along its value chain from waste collection, separation into streams and processing.  Advances are increasing the inherent hazards in many aspects of operations, hence requiring focused planning and attention to risk control.

Risk Strategies has an indepth understanding of the unique requirements of the waste and recycling industry and experience delivering effective and efficient solutions for businesses operating in the sector.


 Safety in Design

  • Advice, support and guidance relating to design safety (equipment, process, transport, traffic management, ergonomics, chemicals, etc.);
  • Facilitating or participating in Safety in Design risk

Safety Management Systems

  • Working with clients to create and optimise safety processes and procedures.
  • Facilitating risk assessments and the establishment of safe work procedures, SWMS, JSA etc.
  • Audits and inspections.
  • Contractor management system development & implementation support.
  • Training program development & delivery.
  • Investigation and improvement of risk controls following incidents; under legal professional privileges appropriate

Hazard Management

  • Chain of responsibility.
  • Plant and equipment safeguarding.
  • Hazardous Chemicals (including Dangerous Goods and Asbestos).

Injury and Workers Compensation Management

  • Reurn to Work support services.
  • Claims management advocacy.
  • Policy and premium management.
  • Claims agent/ insurer management.