Workplace Health & Safety

Risk Strategies is a consultancy that delivers strategic safety solutions.

Risk Strategies can help you identify and address all your workplace safety needs. As the significance of workplace health and safety continues to grow, you need to be aware of your responsibilities. A safe workplace helps to drive business performance excellence.

If you fail to provide a safe work environment, it’s only a matter of time before you’re penalised. Penalties are not reserved for the big business either. Fines are increasing and employers across all industry sectors and all sizes are being targeted.

Risk Strategies’ approach to auditing ensures that your business has a relevant and truly useful system.

Our audit adds genuine value to your business by:

  • Analysing the company’s performance
  • Evaluating how the management system really works
  • Prioritising improvement actions – improve risk prevention, anticipate probable changes in operating conditions

Our team of qualified professionals offers the experience, confidence and reliability you would expect from RABQAS-qualified auditors.

We can audit your organisation against:

  • Your corporate best practice standards
  • ISO 18001 (AS/NZS 4801)
  • Specified technical standards
  • National or State Self Insurer Standards (e.g. Comcare, SafetyMap and InjuryMap)

We help businesses to understand their risk profile and address hazards including:

  • Plant
  • Manual handling
  • Chemicals
  • Traffic management
  • Work at heights
  • Confines spaces
  • Electricity

Risk Tolerance and Risk Profiling

Businesses have competing priorities and cannot immediately address every risk. It is important to understand the risk tolerance of your business, so that objective management decisions about needs and priorities can be made.

The cost of not implementing hazard controls is often difficult to quantify before the event. To do so, two key factors must be considered:

  • Consequence
  • Likelihood or probability

Risk Strategies works with your organisation to define a structured approach to ensure you exercise your duty of care.

Risk Assessment

We work with your risk assessment processes or bring an AS4360 compliant methodology to your risks.

Working beyond common task-based risk assessments, our team of experts is also experienced in major project and acquisition risk assessment, risk assessment of proposed changes, and technical risk assessments.

We also conduct hazard training sessions that are customised to suit your needs. The training is structured to provide real outcomes for participants and your business.

There are three pre-requisite principles for successful health, safety and welfare management:

  • 1. Engineering – Housekeeping, safe plant and equipment, a safe working environment and safe work processes.
  • 2. Management Systems – Documented policies, procedures and practices that set standards, measure performance, encourage involvement, direct/control activities and prioritise/guide responses.
  • 3. Culture – Creating a mind-set among all employees and key stakeholders (including contractors and visitors) that ensures the systems work and the engineering

Risk Strategies’ strategic and systematic safety management solutions are based on the following key fundamentals:

  • Anticipate
  • Consult
  • Evaluate and Allocate Resources
  • Control
  • Monitor and review

Safety management must be based on the organisational culture and behaviour of people.

Everyone has a responsibility for safety and should participate in safety management efforts.

James E. Roughton, James Mercurio – Developing an Effective Safety Culture

Risk Strategies’ approach is focused on:

  • Safety climate
  • Leadership
  • People involvement
  • Hazard analysis
  • Identifying “at risk” behaviours
  • Continually reinforcing safe behaviours
  • Risk reduction

To establish and maintain a core group with relevant expertise requires training across all technical fields.

Risk Strategies’ knowledge training programs give organisations choice in what, how and when to learn and develop. We recognise that people have different learning styles, rates of learning and areas of interest.

Risk Strategies focuses on the individual, and offers relevant, flexible learning, starting with:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Train the trainer
  • Practical training solutions