Occupational Hygiene Services

Risk Strategies recognises that as part of the general responsibilities for the provision of a safe and healthy workplace, business owners and managers need to consider occupational hygiene issues. Through our experience we have found that occupational hygiene risks can be obscure and difficult to manage.

Business owners and managers often need help from specialists to identify workplace conditions and activities that may impact on the health and wellbeing of their workers and to take appropriate actions to manage the associated risks.

Occupational Hygiene Risks include the potential for exposure to:

  • Hazardous Chemicals;
  • Harmful building materials such as Asbestos;
  • Hearing loss from high noise levels;
  • Harmful dust, smoke and vapours;
  • Biological agents such as mould and bacteria;
  • Extremes in temperature and humidity;
  • High and low light levels;
  • Poor ergonomic layout and design.

Risk Strategies consultant team have a wide range of experience and expertise in identifying and managing occupational hygiene risks across a range of industries. We have the appropriate personnel and resources that enable us to assess and manage the occupational hygiene requirements of your business.

Risk Strategies Occupational hygiene Services include:

  • Asbestos and hazardous building materials surveys and management;
  • Assessing and monitoring physical and chemical hazards and exposure levels;
  • Noise level assessments and noise management;
  • Vibration assessments and management plans;
  • Dust and vapour assessments and respiratory protection programs;
  • Confined space assessment and management plans;
  • workplace thermal assessments, including general working conditions and work areas where there are extremes of temperature;
  • Water quality assessments and management plans;
  • Lighting assessments and management plans;
  • Radiation assessments and management plans, including EMR and UV radiation;
  • Assessment of ventilation and air quality and air quality management plans;
  • Selection, fit and training for PPE, including respirators, safety footwear, eye and hearing protection;
  • Ergonomic assessments, including plant operation and workstation layout and design and training for managers and workers;
  • Assessment of new workplaces prior to occupation;
  • Assessment of remote workplace and outdoor health risks and management plans, including Sun Safe programs.
  • Site assessments following a flood, fire or other major disaster;
  • Training for managers and workers on occupational hygiene issues that are relevant to their workplace and work activities;
  • Development of documented procedures for managing occupational hygiene risks.

Call Risk Strategies today and we can assess your workplace and activities and provide you with a practical solution for all your occupational hygiene needs.