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Injury management and minimisation for a large construction company

Robust safety management systems, coupled with effective injury and workers compensation management, allow large construction companies to minimise injuries and ultimately reduce workers compensation costs.

For Ascot Group, a large, national residential and commercial construction company, rapid growth had led to an increase in safety incidents and injuries. The increased workload and burden on HR led the organisation to look outside the business for solutions. While the volume of claims didn’t justify hiring an internal specialist, specialist support, expertise and resources were needed.

Injury and workers compensation claims management

To relieve the resource burden, Ascot Group engaged Risk Strategies to manage the company's injuries, return to work programs and workers compensation claims.

Over the course of the last year, the benefit of having an experienced specialist manage cases allowed Ascot Group to:
  • Streamline and improve processes and documentation.

  • Overcome the complexities of navigating the different requirements of individual state schemes.

  • Ensure staff are paid correctly, and costs are handled appropriately.

  • Improve return to work outcomes, with all staff now on return to work plans.

  • Better manage injuries and claims through proactive engagement with treating professionals.

Safety management system review

When the responsibility for compliance shifted to HR and Operations, the department’s General Manager needed to know where they were at, what the gaps were and what needed to be done.

To begin with, our specialist safety management consultants performed a review of all existing systems. We then presented a report that detailed:
  • The group’s compliance with requirements across the various jurisdictions, ISO45001 and relevant industry standards.

  • Clear priorities and an action plan to improve compliance and the overall safety of staff, contractors and the community.

With employees, contractors and client's best interests at heart, a strategic decision was made to make safety the number one priority in the business, and the goal was set to be a leader in the construction industry.

Managing safety, quality and environmental risk across the business

Recognising that specialised skills, knowledge and experience were needed to realise this goal, Risk Strategies was engaged to perform the role of Head of Safety and synergise and simplify safety, quality and environmental management systems.

To date, this has involved:
  • Review of existing Health & Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management systems.

  • Development and integration of HSEQ management systems, documents and tools.

  • Risk assessments and technical advice.

  • Safety training and coaching to create and embed an effective safety culture.

  • Assistance in maintaining ISO45001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications.

  • Establishment of a HSEQ Working Group to monitor and measure the performance of the new management system.

  • Creation of a company risk register and implementation/monitoring plan to ensure all compliance obligations are met.

  • Conducting regular inspections and audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

For Ascot Group, the value of outsourcing safety, quality, environment and injury management has been multi-faceted. In addition to improved injury and workers compensation claims outcomes, safety is now at the top of the agenda across the business. We continue to work as an extension of the team to enhance and improve systems, processes and business outcomes.


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