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We are workplace risk management specialists 

We are a team of experienced Safety, Workers Compensation 
and Quality Management Consultants.

Everything we do is designed to protect your people and power your business. 

We work with you to…

Develop and implement systems, processes and procedures that safeguard your business and directors, ensure compliance and ultimately allow you to be more competitive.

We help you identify…

The risks that surround your business and its operations, along with the opportunities to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and be more competitive.

We’re proactive and outcome focused…

We invest time in your business. Time in understanding how it operates and the inherent risks and threats that surround it. Time in understanding your unique needs and challenges. We then develop tailored solutions to meet your needs and overcome your challenges. 

We deliver results…

More than just consultants, we form real relationships with our clients that deliver practical and pragmatic results for your business that:

  • Keep your people safe.

  • Protect your business, its executive team and directors.

  • Improve efficiencies.

  • Reduce costs.

  • Enable you to be more competitive.


How we work

We invest time in your business and tailor our approach to your needs, goals and objectives.

Determine what success looks like for your business

First and foremost we we seek to understand your drivers and measures of success. Every business has unique drivers – some want to have the necessary systems and certifications to compete at a higher level, while some want to lead the way by creating an engaged safety culture.

Gap analysis and advice

Once we know what your goals are, we review and assess your current systems, processes and performance to identify the gaps and opportunities.


While other consultants may simply give you a list of what needs to be rectified, we go further – we provide practical advice and solutions so you know exactly what needs to be done, when and how.

Implement and evolve

We work hand in hand with you and your team through the implementation process to ensure its success. We develop and track the implementation project plan and provide regular progress updates.

From there, we can continue to manage the program as an outsourced provider or assist you with monitoring and performing audits to ensure ongoing progress. And, continue to be a trusted sounding board and advisor.

safety consultant meeting


We use our experience and expertise to help you protect your people and power your business.


'Risk Strategies have helped us get our business on the right track and ensure we have the correct safety measures in place'

Should we talk about how we can help you protect your people and power your business?
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