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Workers Compensation Claims Management

Reduce costs, improve efficiencies and manage injuries and claims more effectively with specialised workers compensation management.

Improved Workers Compensation outcomes

Workers compensation premiums are a significant cost for many businesses. The complexity surrounding premiums, injury and claims management, and return to work programs often means it ends up costing many businesses more than it needs to – takes up valuable time and resources.

Benefits of outsourcing Workers Compensation and injury management

Our strategic approach and management has allowed our clients in a variety of different sectors to: 

  • reduce premium costs

  • reduce the number of claims and their costs

  • improve return to work timeframes

  • streamline processes and increase efficiency

These results are achieved through:

  • Injury management, treatment management and return to work programs

  • Strategic Claims Management

  • Premium and Policy reviews and Premium Management

Self insurance assessment

While not suited to all businesses, self insurance allows some organisations to significantly reduce Workers Compensation costs and deliver better outcomes for their injured workers.

We can help you explore the potential to self insure and advise on your organisation's eligibility, the practicalities, challenges, likely costs and overall viability of self-insurance.

If self-insuring is in your organisation's best interests, we can then guide you through the transition process and help you prepare for the eligibility assessments. Once achieved, we also provide ongoing internal and external auditing.

A complete workers compensation and injury management solution.

Incident Management

  • Triage

  • Notification of authorities

  • Manage and advise

Injury Management

  • Early notification and intervention

  • Treatment plans

  • Return to Work

Claims Management

  • Claims registration and lodgement

  • Circumstantial investigation

  • Liability assessment

  • Stakeholder liaison

  • Timely and cost-effective outcomes

  • Improved Agent/Insurer performance and outcomes

Payment Management

  • Wage entitlements – PIAWE, CWE, Week Counter

  • Wage reimbursements

  • Medical and like expenses – employer and insurer liabilities

Policy and Premium Management

  • Policy structures

  • Workplace registrations and classifications

  • Remuneration and employment strategy

  • Estimate management and benchmarking

  • Acquisition / Divestment

  • Scenario modelling

Provider Management

  • Preferred providers – Treaters, OCC Rehab Providers, Investigators and Legal

  • Contracts, arrangements and service standards

  • Performance monitoring


'In just seven months Risk Strategies halved
our workers compensation claims and implemented a clear management strategy for those remaining'


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