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Reducing the cost of workers compensation claims

Reducing the Cost of Workers Compensation Claims

A large cleaning company improved its financial outcomes by halving costs of their workers compensation claims.

Client challenge

To support injured workers while ensuring the best financial management of workers compensation claims:

  • Reducing administrative burden of workers compensation.

  • Reducing costs.

  • Offering sustainable return to work.

Risk Strategies solution

Develop and resource a workers compensation solution to:

  • Improved the relationship with the Claims Agent by establish accountabilities and improving communication lines.

  • Provided training to managers and supervisors regarding return to work and costs of workers compensation.

  • Developed and resourced workers compensation management workflows, providing expert strategic claims management advice.

  • Documented suitable duties dictionaries to facilitate timely and sustainable return to work.

Impact on client’s business

  • Halved the average cost of workers compensation claims in 12 months.

  • Halved the number of open claims in 12 months.

  • No open claims older than12 months.


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