Reduce costs, improve efficiencies and manage injuries and claims more effectively with thorough and strategic injury and workers compensation solutions.

Improved Workers Compensation outcomes

Workers compensation premiums are a significant cost for many businesses. The complexity surrounding premiums, injury and claims management, and return to work programs often means it ends up costing many businesses more than it needs to and taking up valuable time and resource.

Through our strategic approach and management we have been able to help businesses in all sectors:

  • reduce premium costs.
  • reduce the number of claims and their costs.
  • improve return to work timeframes.
  • streamline processes and increase efficiency.
  • reduce costs through self-insurance.

We deliver these results through:

  • Injury management, treatment management and return to work programs.
  • Strategic Claims Management
  • Premium and Policy reviews and Premium Management


A Complete Workers Compensation Solution

Strategic Management

Objectives and Targets | Resourcing Plan | KPI’s | Monitoring Plan


Proven experience and expertise

Over the last decade we’ve worked with businesses in all sectors to assist them with Workers Compensation, Injury Management and Self Insurance, including Building and Construction, Manufacturing, Property, Waste Management, Transport and Logistics, Aged Care, Agriculture, Gig Economy businesses and everything in between.

See how we helped a large industrial cleaning company reduce the costs of their workers compensation claims.

"‘In just seven months Risk Strategies have halved our workers compensation claims and implemented a clear management strategy for those remaining’."

− Kate Smith, HR Manager | Cirka