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2022/23 Client Satisfaction Report

We are passionate about our work and want to ensure it delivers valuable and worthwhile outcomes for our clients.

Each year we ask our clients to provide feedback about their experience working with us and the quality of our consulting services to help us understand what we’re doing well and where we can improve – collectively and individually.

This Summary Report provides an overview of the responses provided by 19 clients we worked with during 2022/23.

We asked if our services met their expectations and delivered valuable and worthwhile outcomes for their company?
100% said absolutely

We then asked clients to assess and rate our capabilities in four key aspects of our service
(1 being poor and 10 being outstanding/excellent).

Ability to deliver what we promise 9.2
Understanding of needs & objectives 9.2
Technical expertise & knowledge 9.3
Communication & attentiveness 9.2

Many took the opportunity to offer further feedback and commentary

‘I have greatly valued and appreciated the working relationship that has been established. The service and quality of work has been incredible. I feel in safe hands. Thank you.’

‘So good. Am looking forward to more collaboration down the track as we grow and our needs evolve. (I have given 9 where I'm very happy and 10 where I'm blown away)’.

‘The results achieved have been awesome…The consistency and clarity given to all our Workcover claims have not gone unnoticed'.

I would like to thank you for all your support and assistance. Without your knowledge and continual persistence, my job would’ve been a lot more difficult’.

‘Extremely happy. Risk Strategies work well with our timelines and needs, knows their stuff, and we have a good laugh too’.


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