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Injury & claims management in focus

In October 2023, we brought together a panel of injury and claims management experts from insurance, industry, consulting and systems to share, discuss and explore what works, what doesn't and what's possible in the space.

Openly sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience, together, our panelists provided viewers with a deeper and broader understanding of what others are doing in the space and shared strategies, tools and processes to assist businesses to:

> Work with the insurer to achieve better claims outcomes – for the worker and the business.

> Improve claims performance and, in turn, lower premium costs.

> Manage incidents effectively and systematically to optimise outcomes.

> Implement successful return to work programs.

> Actively prevent and reduce injuries through improved safety measures.

> Drive continual improvement with software, systems, technology.

Experts from insurance, industry, consulting and systems joined us to share their knowledge, tools and tips, including:

WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCE AGENT Nguyen Tran | State Relationship Manager VIC & SA | EML

Having specialised in workers compensation insurance for over 20 years, Nguyen’s experience spans case management, eligibility, dispute resolution and client services. He intimately understands the unique needs and challenges faced by employers, employees, and insurers, and how to improve outcomes for all.


Brendan Byrne | Austin Health

Brendan has extensive experience across the healthcare sector and over the course of his career has implemented robust early intervention strategies, injury management programs and philosophies to ensure the best outcome for injured staff and the organisation is achieved.


Lana Rubinstein | Managing Director | Risk Strategies

Lana and her team of experienced safety, workers compensation and injury management consultants work closely with clients in all sectors to prevent injuries, manage workers compensation claims and return to work programs and improve claims performance.


Joel Fuller | Injury Management System & Software Specialist | HSI Donesafe

Joel works with some of Australia’s largest organisations to design, build and implement health, safety, environment and quality management software platforms, tailored to the organisations specific requirements.


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