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Psychological Health & Safety Management in Focus

In June 2024, we brought together a panel of workplace risk, psychological safety and management system specialists to explore and discuss one of the most challenging safety management issues Australian employers face – psychological safety management.

Openly sharing their knowledge, expertise and experience, together, our panellists and the audience discussed and explored: 

  • The frameworks and measures other organisations are using to manage psychological safety.

  • What a best practice approach to identifying hazards, assessing risks, implementing controls and corrective actions looks like. 

  • The challenges and strategies for overcoming them that different organisations have applied in designing, implementing and evolving psychosocial safety management systems.

The panel included:


Lana Rubinstein | Managing Director | Risk Strategies

Lana and her team of experienced safety management consultants work closely with clients across all sectors to prevent physical and psychological injuries and manage workers compensation claims and return to work programs.


Dr Tessa Bailey | Director | The Opus Centre

Tessa is a registered psychologist and Director of the OPUS Centre for Psychosocial Risk, where she works with industry to design systems of work that reduce psychosocial risk and increase worker health, safety, and productivity outcomes.


Ross Guastalegname | GM Management Systems | Intertek SAI Global

As the Director of Operations across Australasia, Ross brings 20+ years of expertise in safety auditing and operations management and has in-depth experience across diverse industries such as construction, manufacturing, and laboratories. 


Sandra Surace | Hero Code

Sandra recently chaired the 2023 Workplace Mental Health Symposium. Her background and expertise in education, positive psychology and counselling, combined with her many years of work in organisational change and wellbeing, have led her to be widely recognised as a workplace mental health leadership and organisational behaviour specialist.


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