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Live site creates additional safety challenges

live site safety solutions

When a leading University continued to operate “business as usual” during its major infrastructure upgrades, it was critical that the safety of students, staff and visitors was not placed at increased risk.

Client challenge

This was a challenging project, particularly due to the fact that the university continued to operate throughout the duration of the work. Working within a live, busy environment presented enormous challenges in terms of health and safety, environmental issues, minimising noise and disruption to staff and students.

Risk Strategies solution

Engaged as expert advisors to the project team, Risk Strategies:
  • Developed monitored and reviewed the Project Safety Plan, updating as the conditions and working arrangements changed. This included:

- Clearly defined accountabilities and responsibilities
- Risk Management Strategy
- Contractor Management Strategy
- Consultation and Reporting arrangements
- Unique Emergency Arrangements
  • Reviewed contractor documents prior to approval to commence work.

  • Implemented a ‘Spot Check’ contractor site inspection program, checking contractor compliance with SWMS and standards.

  • Audits of Contractor management systems and Site Safety Plans against legislative and university requirements.

  • Formed a close working relationship with the project team, delivering specific advice and support, sometimes at short notice.

Impact on client’s business

Risk Strategies contributed to the overall successful project outcome. As a direct result of our involvement, advice and support to the project team, it was delivered without a major incident, ensuring legislative compliance and most importantly keeping everyone safe.


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