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Property Safety Auditing and Compliance Program

Property developer and asset manager Salta Properties strives to not only meet its duty of care, but lead the way in safety.

With a portfolio valued at over $3.5 billion and comprised of over 50 commercial, retail, and industrial properties, ensuring the safety of tenants, employees, contractors, visitors, residents, and the general public across all properties is critical.

As part of our ongoing partnership, Risk Strategies is responsible for Salta’s annual property safety auditing program alongside its project and corporate safety programs.

‘With all auditing performed by a dedicated and experienced safety management consultant, Risk Strategies’ centralised, holistic and consistent approach has many advantages – for us and our facility managers and tenants – that extend far beyond compliance. Outside of the auditing itself, the specialist safety knowledge, advice and support offered to our facility managers and tenants ensures that issues aren’t just identified, but that they are appropriately addressed and remedied’. Justin Purdue | General Manager, Building Operations | Salta Properties

Annual Property Safety Auditing Program

Over the last two years, our property safety consultants have developed and implemented a comprehensive auditing program that ensures risks and hazards relating to the design, management, use and maintenance of each of Salta’s properties are actively and consistently assessed and managed.

The end-to-end solution involves:

  • Liaising directly with facility managers and 180+ tenants to schedule and gain access.

  • An annual audit of each property to ensure: -        Documented safety systems and measures are in place, appropriate and implemented as intended. -        Safe access and egress. -        Essential Safety Measure compliance. -        Emergency management and evacuation plans are in place and up to date. -        Appropriate maintenance schedules are in place and adhered to. -        Asbestos surveys, registers and management plans are maintained. -        The building is sound, and there are no obvious signs of leaks or structural concerns. -        Tenants’ Dangerous Goods storage is appropriate. -        Working at height contingencies are in place. -        Cooling towers management and compliance. -        Contractor safety.

  • Preparation of comprehensive, individual Audit Reports and Risk Management Plans for each property that detail issues and concerns, the associated risk level and recommended next steps or remedies.  

  • Supporting and advising facility managers and tenants to implement appropriate measures to remedy issues or areas of concern.

  • Portfolio reporting to the FM team and feedback for CAPEX and OPEX projects.


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