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Simplifying and integrating two Quality Management Systems, while upgrading certification

Quality Management Systems (QMS) Integration
A large telecommunications company following purchase of another business simplified and integrated two quality management systems into a helpful and valuable program aimed at improving customer outcomes. The system was recertified to ISO9001, 2015.

Client challenge

To maintain certification and integrate two quality management systems into an outcome based program that delivered outcomes for the customers.
  • Maintain the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of the existing systems – not to throw the baby out with the water, so to speak.

  • Ensure the practices apply to the whole of the company and are known and understood by key stakeholders across the organisation.

  • Managing change within the organisation.

Risk Strategies solution

Review the existing systems to understand their value and develop a simple yet effective system recognising companywide core processes, dependencies and risks. Work with the internal team to implement the new system.
  • Reviewed existing systems by interviewing stakeholders to understand their processes, needs and how they relate to customer outcomes and reviewing existing documentation and systems.

  • In consultation with internal teams, aligned and integrated the existing quality management processes.

  • Worked with the internal key stakeholders to ensure business processes complied with ISO9001 requirements.

  • Supported senior managers in conducting management review, process mapping core processes, their inputs and outputs and identifying appropriate risk management methodology.

  • Facilitated external certification audits to merge two existing certificates.

Impact on client’s business

  • 30% reduction in the cost of maintaining certification.

  • Effective quality management system understood and utilised by senior managers to achieve quality outcomes for customer.

  • Ongoing competitive advantage when bidding for new work without the burden and red tape of maintaintwo certifications.


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